Thursday, 15 August 2013

Welcome To Bad Dog Blog

As this is my first post, I feel I should use it to tell you what this blog is for, and the context in which my posts should be viewed.

I am a (relatively) young man with aspirations of becoming a writer one day, and this blog is a means by which I feel I can practice and hone that skill. I have no illusions that my writing is any better or worse than anyone else who has little to no experience. That being said I am going to be posting reviews (books mostly) to this blog.

These reviews are my opinions and should be read as such. I do not claim to be an authority on writing; At the very least I enjoy a cursory knowledge of the English language and an intense love of books, poetry and all manner of writings. I accept that I have my own personal bias when it comes to certain genres but I will do my best to leave it out in my reviews. I cant promise anything however.

I will post as often as I remember to, and I welcome all manner of constructive criticism on my reviews. Please try not to be scathing or intentionally post negative comments. Such comments will be deleted.

Now that I've covered most of my bases I invite you to read the reviews and comment If you would like to. I hope these reviews encourage you read the books I enjoy, and maybe even take a chance on the ones I don't.

Happy Reading!


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